Washakie Museum

(Worland, Wyoming)

The Washakie Museum in Worland, Wyoming, sits in the heart of the Big Horn Basin. Scientists consider this area of northwest Wyoming to be one of the best places on earth to see a nearly uninterrupted history of the planet. The museum’s 5,000 square feet of new exhibits (within a 25,000 square-foot facility) focus on the paleontology, archaeology, and the western settlement of this rich area.

Three interactive galleries portray highlights of the Big Horn Basin’s unparalleled scientific discoveries and human history. Exhibits include astonishing examples of the area’s famous fossil finds’dinosaurs; early mammals and other prehistoric plants and animals; fun interactive games about fossil hunting; breath-taking photographic and painted murals; custom produced HD videos and touchscreen interactives; dioramas depicting ice-age mammoth hunters and immersive cultural history exhibits.

ECOS services included master planning, content and storyline research and writing, artifact/image collection, design, photography, media content, project management, and construction administration.

Our new museum could not have existed without ECOS’ guidance, focus and creativity. They are an incredibly talented and dedicated group of professionals.
Bob Stottler