Predator Ridge

Denver Zoo (Denver, CO)

Lions, hyenas, and dogs… oh my. Visitors at the Denver Zoo’s Predator Ridge exhibit explore the African savanna “on safari” with ECOS’s interpretation as their guide. As natural history experts, we strive to create more than just the standard interpretive fare.

  • Listen to sounds of a hyena choir.
  • Follow tracks and use your ears to find where lions killed a cape buffalo.
  • Discover ancient tribal rock paintings.

Scope:  Scientific and cultural research and writing for 20+ educational graphics (Interpretive master planning, Graphic design and illustration, Primary exhibit identity systems · Audio/video interactives, Ambient audio systems, Tactile sculptures).
National Award: First Place, Wayside Exhibit Category, National Association for Interpretation

For 15 years ECOS has been our “out-of-house” interpretive exhibits department, helping us with many new and large projects. We regard them as important members of our team.
Dr. Clayton Freiheit
President and CEO Denver Zoo