Parking Garage Theming

Denver Zoo (Denver, CO)


How many parking structures have you been in? Now how many do you remember? The Denver Zoo’s parking garage is unforgettable.

High-impact banner graphics announce the garage from the street. Drive under perched metal vultures and snake bang bars. Looks like a fun place. Dramatic animal-themed wayfinding graphics identify each level. “Mom, let’s park at macaw!”

A soundtrack symphony of squeals, roars, chirps, and bellows greets visitors on every floor.

The short walk to the zoo entrance is enhanced by a troop of colorful metal monkeys leaping and swinging from a forest of tensile cable “vines.” Taking the elevator? Get ready for a fun surprise. Super-graphic habitat photos on the doors are a hint to what you might find inside.

Visitors are psyched for their zoo adventure, even before they get out of their cars and walk to the ticket booth.
Matt Connors
Director of Guest Services, Denver Zoo