Northern Treatment Plant

Metro Wastewater Reclamation District (Brighton, CO)

Metro Wastewater serves nearly two million people in the Denver Metro area. In planning and designing its new treatment facility, the District was clear about featuring an education hall to spread the word about the broad benefits of water reclamation for people and natural systems—as well as the “how-to’s” of reclaiming wastewater for return to the river.

For the planning phase of work, ECOS helped to determine the desired visitor experience, priority messages, and how to balance the needs of various audience segments (guided school groups, and general public drop-in visitors). In addition, ECOS helped to guide the District in deciding on best use of limited funds for exhibits and public amenities. For Schematic Design, we delivered 2D and 3D designs for all graphics and exhibit elements, which included interpretive signage for a wetlands trail through the settling ponds.

In a second phase of work, ECOS completed Design Development, fabrication, and installation of Phase I exhibits. Highlights include a walk-through section of actual “interceptor” pipe with attached reader rails, lift doors for interactive reveal learning, a “follow-the-wastewater” LED interactive with toilet handle activation, and a video kiosk featuring a large echo monitor to accommodate groups.

Thanks for your leadership and creativity on this project! What a treat it has been for our entire team to be reminded on this project that what we do is interesting, important, and fun!

You have given us a great perspective on what we do!

You have a great team and are such kind people to work with!

Thank you!

John Kuosman
Northern Treatment Plant O&M Director Metro Wastewater Reclamation District