Cultural Heritage Conservation Museum

(Arusha, Tanzania: East Africa)

Northern Tanzania is a global gem for wildlife and culture, yet suffers from rampant poverty, habitat loss, poaching, and a lack of infrastructure and resources. Population growth has doubled in the last fifteen years; wildebeest and zeebra numbers fell by half in the same period. According to the Nature Conservancy’s Matt Brown—Director of TNC’s Africa Region—”Many experts believe there are 10-15 years before growing changes in the region undermine tourism and already fraying native cultures.”

Working with Cultural Heritage, the Nature Conservancy, and the Honeyguide Foundation, ECOS designed a new museum that attempts to increase local awareness, and will inspire tourists and Tanzanians alike to help preserve the future of this unique and globally important area. The project is blessed to be housed at Cultural Heritage—an extraordinary existing venue with the largest art gallery in Africa, receiving roughly 200-300 tourists (up to 500) a day during high safari season.

Importantly, this project goes beyond traditional means of education and outreach, and will provide tourists and safari companies with direct and tangible ways to leverage their influence.

View Video of the Conservation Marketplace