Headwaters River Journey

Headwaters Center (Winter Park, Colorado)

Turn on a tap in a city along Colorado’s Front Range, and you’re likely impacting a river somewhere. That’s a key message at Headwaters River Journey (HRJ), a cutting-edge museum nestled high in the Upper Colorado River Basin. Sitting between the closest major ski area to Denver and one of the main entrances to Rocky Mountain National Park, HRJ attracts a large number of Front Range visitors throughout the year.

The project had an ambitious conservation agenda: connect the dots between declining natural river flows and increasing water consumption especially among growing metropolitan populations—and empower these people to take action.

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Many of the supporting exhibit messages and experiences at Headwaters River Journey were planned to have relevance and impact locally, regionally, and even nationally. The museum exhibits and the entire Headwaters Center operates completely off-the-grid, serving the purpose of not only informing, but also inspiring.